Salmon Are Dying
They’re suffering and suffocating in hot water created by dams.
What's New?
Dead sockeye salmon upside down, July 16, 2021, Little While Salmon, photo by Conrad Gowell
Time to Act:
Salmon Are Dying from Hot Water

The situation is dire: sockeye salmon are dying right now because the Columbia and Snake rivers are too hot. 

Show Up
Friday 7/30 noon

Join us as we hold a vigil for the sockeye salmon currently suffering and dying from hot water. 

No LNG Rally on May 26, 2015, in Salem, Oregon; in 2016 we defeated the project, photo by Alex Milan Tracey
Take Action
What can I do to help?

Tell your Governor and Senators that time is running out; they must secure funding for Lower Snake River dam removal now.

golden eagle flying
Debate on Tribal Rights Heats Up
July 27, 2021, at 12p.m. 

Stand in solidarity with the Yakama Nation. A pumped-storage hydroelectric development threatens irreplaceable tribal cultural resources, fish, and wildlife.

Zenith rally, 2021, rick rappaport
Oil-by-Rail’s Last Stand
The Zenith Energy Story

The City of Portland can stop a massive oil-by-rail terminal. Learn how you can help today! 

Swim guide art 2021
Is it safe to swim?
Water Quality Tips

Make sure you know the latest swim conditions to keep yourself and your family safe.


Columbia Riverkeeper works to protect, restore, & care for the Columbia River.



How we do it:


We protect Columbia River communities and habitat from new threats, such as fossil fuel export terminals and intensive industrial development.


We restore our right to clean water and healthy fish by reducing toxic pollution.


We care for the river by providing hands-on opportunities for diverse communities to engage with their river.


We use legal advocacy and community organizing to stop pollution, fight fossil fuel terminals, save salmon, build stewardship, and clean up Hanford.

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