Fighting Fossil Fuels

Columbia Riverkeeper unites communities to protect the Columbia and climate from fossil fuels

We have an ambitious goal: defeat every new and expanded fossil fuel infrastructure project—and leverage climate victories to advocate for long-term solutions to the climate crisis.

Working with frontline communities, Tribal Nations, and coalitions, Columbia Riverkeeper has defeated over a dozen coal export, oil-by-rail, and fracked-gas terminals and pipelines. Our momentum is strong, but big threats remain.

Current Campaigns

NXT Energy Refinery

A proposed non-conventional diesel refinery would be one of Oregon’s largest greenhouse gas emitters. With…
A fracked gas pipeline that threatens the Pacific Northwest

GTN Xpress Fracked Gas Pipeline

GTN Xpress is a fossil fuel industry scheme to pump more fracked gas into an…
A large truck with a protest sign that reads, "Stop Zenith Oil" "Drive the Snakes out of Portland"

Zenith Oil-by-Rail

Since 2017, we have joined with community members and nonprofits to fight the Zenith oil-by-rail…

The Problem

For nearly two decades, the Columbia has faced an unprecedented number of coal, oil, and gas-shipping terminals. 

Pollution from fossil fuel facilities disproportionately impacts Tribal Nations and BIPOC, low-income, and rural communities. Investing in long-term fossil fuel infrastructure impedes our progress toward renewable energy and clean fuels.

Why It Matters

Columbia River Tribes and communities along the Columbia are experiencing the climate crisis’ impacts: Wildfires. Rising river temperatures. Reduced river flows. The list goes on.

Fossil-fuel infrastructure like refineries, fracked gas pipelines, and oil-by-rail also poses serious risks to clean water and people who live near facilities or rail lines. Together, we can make a difference for our climate and the Columbia. 

Take Action

Stop GTN

Cascade Natural Gas: End Contract with GTN!

A large truck with a protest sign that reads, "Stop Zenith Oil" "Drive the Snakes out of Portland"

Stop Zenith Oil-By-Rail

Stop dangerous oil-by-rail in our communities.

Take Action: Port Westward

Stop Bait-And-Switch Rail Yard at Port Westward

How We Fight for the Climate:

Fight Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Support Local & State Climate Action

Advocate for a Just Transition