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Help us protect and restore the Columbia River.

What can I do to help?
sunset on the columbia river, photo by paloma ayala
Perennial Wind Chaser
Stop Fracked Gas-Fired Power Plant

Help us convince the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council that there is no room in Oregon for a new fracked gas-fired power plant.

Bradford Island Logo
Bradford Island Clean Up
Demand Cleanup

Ask Congress to restore funding for cleanup at one of the Columbia River’s most contaminated areas: Bradford Island.

Save Salmon
Help baby salmon make it to the ocean!

Tell Director Bellon baby salmon need more water to go over the dams' spillways. 

people > oil
Oil-By-Rail Legislation
Protect Washington State

Stand up to the Trump Administration and protect Washington against dangerous crude oil trains.

“No Methanol Land and Water Action Community Camp-Out” May 18, 2019, photo by Dan Serres.
Fracked-Gas-to-Methanol Refinery
Protect Our Climate, Deny the Project

Tell Ecology to say “No!” to a proposal for the world’s largest fracked-gas-to-methanol refinery in Kalama, WA.

Hands for Hanford Clean Up!
Clean Up Hanford Nuclear Site
Protect People, Fish, and Clean Water

Hold the U.S. government responsible for cleaning up Hanford, the most contaminated site in the Western Hemisphere.

Force the EPA To Do Its Job

Fight alongside us by telling EPA to protect Columbia and Snake river salmon from dangerously warm water!

WA State Clean Water at Risk

Demand the Trump administration abandon its proposal to increase toxic pollution in Washington’s rivers. 


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