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Golden Dale Pump Storage John Day
Stand in Solidarity with Tribal Nations
Oppose the Goldendale Pumped Storage Project

Yakama Nation has vehemently opposed this development because of the potential devastating impacts to irreplaceable tribal cultural resources. Join us in support.

Kalama Activists, October 2019
Oppose Kalama Methanol
Comments due: October 2, 2020

This is a very important moment to weigh in against a fracked gas project that would quickly become one of Washington’s biggest greenhouse gas polluters

Fracked Gas
Hold Polluter Accountable
No New Fracked Gas-Fired Power Plants

Help us convince the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council that there is no room in Oregon for a new fracked gas-fired power plant.

Turn Up the Heat on Snake River Dams
You Expect Strong Leadership

Trump's plans hurt salmon and orcas; We need real solutions.

Hold New Climate Polluter Accountable
Tell Oregon to Enforce the Law

Join us in urging the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council to reject Perennial’s premature construction plan.

Hanford sunset river
Stand up for Cleanup
Comments due: September 30, 2020

Support Washington state in holding the U.S. government responsible for cleaning up the most contaminated site in the Western Hemisphere: the Hanford Nuclear Site.


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