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Help us protect and restore the Columbia River.

What can I do to help?
Free the Snake Flotilla
Lower Snake Dam Removal
Call on your representatives today!

Rep. Simpson’s new plan is our best chance to restore Snake River salmon and secure our cultural, economic, and energy future.

Valentine’s Day-Break-up with Zenith
Tell PDX
Break Up with Zenith

Get out your pink and red construction paper—it’s time to make valentines: tell Portland City Council to “Break Up with Zenith!”

Kalama Victory
Inslee + Watson = Climate Heroes
Washington Rejects Dirty Methanol Refinery!

When our leaders listen and protect our communities and our climate, we need to show them some love!

river mist gorge
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Program 2021
Stop Oregon’s Free Pass for Fracked Gas Polluters

Help up tell Governor Brown, DEQ, and the EQC that Oregon can’t expect to meet its climate goals by exempting the largest climate polluters from its emissions reduction program.

Lost Valley cows in manure, June 2017
Tell Oregon Governor Brown
We need a mega-dairy moratorium now!

Oregon’s rural communities deserve good health, clean air and water, and economic opportunities that don’t come at the cost of their health. 

Hanford sunset river
Stand up for Cleanup
Hold the U.S. government responsible.

Hold the U.S. government responsible for cleaning up the most contaminated site in the Western Hemisphere: the Hanford Nuclear Site.


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