Restore Cold Water

Salmon rely on cold water. As our climate warms, so do rivers. On the Columbia and Snake rivers, hydroelectric dams make the heat pollution even worse. Dammed rivers and climate change create lethal conditions for key species.

We Demand Life, Not Extinction

Call your Senators and tell them to take action and remove Snake River dams—before it’s too late. Learn more


Video captured at the Little White Salmon River in the Columbia River Gorge on July 16, 2021 (footage by Conrad Gowell):

About the Issue

Narrated by Don Sampson of Northwest Tribal Salmon Alliance: “The sockeye here are dying. They are suffocating. You can see they are in lethally hot water. We’re in a salmon crisis and it’s time for Congress to act.”  (Video produced by Modoc Stories.)

Salmon Vigil

On July 30, 2021, Yakama Nation leaders and over 40 people gathered along the Columbia’s scenic Little White Salmon River for a Salmon Vigil, an event to raise awareness about the ongoing death of sockeye salmon impacted by hot water. Speakers demanded Pacific Northwest leaders like Senators Cantwell, Murray, Wyden, and Merkley support Lower Snake River dam removal and other action to cool rivers.  Read more (Footage by Alex Milan Tracy.)