The Columbia

The Columbia River is the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest. People depend on the Columbia for clean water, salmon, and much more.


A River Runs Through Us

Columbia Riverkeeper works with river communities to protect clean water and our climate

Columbia River Boat, Astoria
The River
Get Inspired to Protect the Mighty Columbia

The rich history and vibrant present of the Columbia River captivates people around the world. Learn about water quality in the Columbia, and tap into information about the river’s human and cultural history.

salmon swimming
Salmon and Steelhead
Iconic Species on the Brink

The Columbia River is synonymous with salmon and steelhead. The river’s iconic species face many threats—including climate change, dams, and pollution.

Sandhill Cranes, photo by Peter Marbach
Tribal Nations
Self-Determination and Sovereignty in the Columbia Basin

We work in solidarity with sovereign tribal nations, long-term stewards and co-managers of the river.


Is it Safe to Swim?
We monitor bacteria levels at popular beaches on the Columbia. Use the Swim Guide app to find the latest water quality information.