Port of Vancouver Election

Firefighters, Business, Conservationist Statements on Port of Vancouver Commission Election

Eric LaBrant is leading the Port of Vancouver race by over 13 points. Additional votes are being counted, but Mr. LaBrant has a commanding lead, as of 10am on November 4.

“A LaBrant victory will be a compelling referendum on the proposed Tesoro-Savage oil terminal in Vancouver. Mr. LaBrant opposed the Port’s rushed decision to approve a massive oil-by-rail terminal in Vancouver, while his opponent Lisa Ross supported the Tesoro-Savage project.The entire state was watching this election, and a LaBrant victory will demonstrate deep-seated, growing opposition to the largest proposed oil-by-rail terminal in the U.S.”
– Mark Johnston, President Vancouver Firefighters Union Local 452

“The Port of Vancouver has been a rubberstamp for the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal. An Eric LaBrant victory will bring a new perspective on the Port Commission, one that may help the Port to approach the oil-by-rail issue differently and think more carefully about the enormous hazards associated with the nation’s largest oil-by-rail proposal.”
– Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive Director, Columbia Riverkeeper

“Our community–our businesses, our firefighters, and our neighborhoods–are firmly opposed to the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal proposal. A LaBrant victory will be a clear indication of where we stand, and we will continue to ask our Port Commission to represent the best interests of this community by stopping the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal.”
– Don Orange, Hoesly Eco-Auto, Vancouver.  Founder, Vancouver 101: Small businesses standing up to Big Oil