Port of Vancouver: End the Oil Lease. We'll Stand with You.

Port of Vancouver USA staff recommend against extending oil lease. Major hearing April 12, doors at 8am, hearing begins at 9:30am at Clark College -- Vancouver, Washington. Help us spread the word and pack this hearing to support the Port in ENDING, not extending, the lease. The staff's recommendation is a significant step in the right direction. Make your voice heard April 12. Details on the Port's website.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Attend the Port’s meeting on Tuesday, April 12. This is really important.

    Port of Vancouver Meeting about Lease for Tesoro Savage Oil-By-Rail Terminal
    Tuesday, April 12, 9:30 AM – 9:00 PM (doors at 8:00 AM, lottery system for public comment).
    Gaiser Hall, Clark College, 1933 Fort Vancouver Way, Vancouver
    Public testimony will be taken throughout the day, here's sample talking points.

  2. Today, send a message to the Port here.

The Port of Vancouver has a critical opportunity to steer the region away from the largest proposed oil-by-rail terminal in North America.  The Port Commission must make a decision about the proposed Tesoro Savage oil terminal by August 1, 2016. According to the terms of the Port’s lease agreement with Tesoro, the Port can end the lease on or before August 1 “without further cost or obligation.”

The Port wisely negotiated for the option to end its lease for the Tesoro project. Not surprisingly, Tesoro has asked the Port to extend the lease decision date beyond August 1 to buy more time to push its dead-end oil terminal.  The Port has scheduled a meeting on April 12 to hear from all of us about what they should do.

Now is the time for the Port Commission to use this opportunity, end the lease, and lead Vancouver towards a cleaner future.