February Member Spotlight: Corey Rust of Troutdale, Oregon

Corey Rust of Envi Adventures

Corey Rust of Envi Adventures, a recreational flight tour company, generously offered to donate a portion of flight sales to Columbia Riverkeeper. As a member, Corey believes it’s important to protect the river for future generations. “It's a magnificent body of water and tremendous resource to our area, that I think demands respect in all occasions,” said Corey.

Before flying over rivers, streams, and waterfalls, Corey grew up in Troutdale spending his summers learning to waterski near the old Sun-Dial Boat Launch. His interest in protecting the Columbia River grew when he noticed the increase of visitors in the Gorge: “I love to see people come enjoy it...as long as they're respectful in their visitations.”

Driven by adventure and exploration, Envi Adventures was formed to provide a birds-eye view of the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. His company is taking reservations for flight tours starting April 1, 5% of flight sales will be donated to Columbia Riverkeeper.

Envi Adventures helps people connect to the Columbia River by spotlighting the numerous tributaries and water sources that flow into the Columbia. “It is my hope that this vantage point encourages people to appreciate this area a little bit more. We take it for granted because it's always there. Maybe we take it for granted because it's ‘just’ a river? What's been forgotten is that this river has so much history with it and it continues to make history. It's an unbelievably gorgeous (pun intended) flow of water that I just adore,” said Corey.

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