Why Monthly Giving is so Important:

Membership means you are part of the fight for clean water and a sustainable future.

Why Monthly Giving is so Important

As a door-to-door, grassroots canvasser for Columbia Riverkeeper, my primary goal is to find new members and to renew lapsed members. It is so important that we have a wide base of supporters so that when we meet with elected officials or the press we are taken seriously and have a substantial influence.  

When talking with past members about renewing and with new members about joining, I strongly urge them to support our work with a monthly gift. Here’s why:
  • A monthly gift demonstrates strong support for Columbia Riverkeeper as we seek to influence decision makers and fight to keep fossil fuels off of the Columbia River.
  • It increases the stability of Columbia Riverkeeper by allowing us to confidently budget resources.
  • Spreading out support with smaller monthly donations over time often allows supporters to be more generous that they would be with a one-time gift.
  • Members remain in full control of their monthly donation and how long they wish to sustain it.

Whether you are a new member to Columbia Riverkeeper, or a long-time supporter, when it’s time to renew your membership, I hope you will consider renewing as one of our monthly givers. And if you see us working in your neighborhood we’d love to say hi and thank you for supporting our grassroots activism.

For the Planet,


Take a stand for clean water and healthy communities. Your membership protects and restores the mighty Columbia River now and for future generations.