Aging Infrastructure at Hanford Threatens the Columbia River

Tell the U.S. Dept. of Energy that Short-Term Plans Do Not Equal Long-Term Cleanup

Aging Infrastructure at Hanford Threatens the Columbia River

In these times of great uncertainty, one thing remains certain: the Hanford Nuclear Sites’ aging infrastructure poses an increasing threat to human health and the environment. Over 30 years of delayed cleanup at Hanford has resulted in the high risk of failure of numerous structures. Now, the U.S. Dept. of Energy (Energy), says that three structures pose a high risk of collapse, which could release radiation into the environment. Energy’s cleanup plan? Fill these structures with engineered grout. 

While grouting in place will prevent failure and a potential release of radioactive contamination in the short-term, grouting alone fails to protect public health and the Columbia River in the long-run. Moving forward, Energy must clearly present a plan for how it will pursue long-term cleanup of and final remedies for the 241-Z-361 settling tank, 216-Z-9 crib, and 216-Z-2 crib once grouting occurs.

Hanford has a vibrant future—one that includes a clean and healthy environment and Columbia River that people, animals, and fish can call home. Energy’s cleanup plans and decisions at Hanford must remember this future. 

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