Legal Victory:

Court uphold's Washington’s authority to protect water quality and salmon from deadly hot water pollution caused by dams! This decision means real change is on the way; let's remove the Snake River Dams and replace the services they provide—before it's too late for salmon.

Washington State Upholds Authority to Regulate Dam Heat Pollution

Washington used its authority under the Clean Water Act to require the Army Corps to reduce heat pollution from Snake and Columbia river dams, which is contributing to the extinction of endangered salmon. The Army Corps challenged Washington's decision, but yesterday's decision upholds Washington's authority to regulate the dams' heat pollution.  

“Today’s decision underscores the need to address serious water quality violations caused by the Army Corps’ dams on the Lower Snake and Columbia rivers. From leaking toxic oil to making the water too hot for salmon, the dams jeopardize the rivers and their fisheries. The PCHB was right to uphold the State of Washington’s authority to protect Washington’s water quality,” said Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive Director, Columbia Riverkeeper.

Why it Matters: 

The decision confirms that Washington can require the Army Corps to study and implement significant changes to the dams--like deep summertime drawdown of Snake River reservoirs--to keep the rivers cool enough for salmon.

Saving Salmon

Columbia Riverkeeper fights to protect salmon from dams, hot water, toxic pollution, and climate change.