Worth watching: “Forgotten Toxic Waste Dump”

Learn about one of the most toxic sites on the Columbia River: Bradford Island and surrounding waters.

I hope you’re more motivated than ever to hold the U.S. government accountable for decades of dumping toxic pollution on Bradford Island and surrounding waters. I was blown away by our speakers, Davis Washines and Laura Shira of Yakama Nation’s Fisheries Program, who presented at Monday’s webinar, “Forgotten Toxic Waste Dump: The Bradford Island Story.” Davis’s words stuck with me: "We want you, along with us, to imagine a clean and productive river that sustains us.”

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Want to learn more? Check out Columbia Riverkeeper’s fact sheet on the Bradford Island cleanup

People rely on clean water and toxic-free fish. That’s why Columbia Riverkeeper uses the law and grassroots organizing to advocate for cleanup at polluted sites. 

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