Celebrating Our Members and Volunteers

The team at Columbia Riverkeeper reflects on several of the thousands of members who inspire us.

Celebrating Our Members and Volunteers

three people standing at nichols natural area
Volunteer Dave Berger, Senior Community Organizer Ubaldo Hernández, and Water Quality Director Lorri Epstein at the Nichols Natural Area. Photo by Jamie Lyn Photography.

You show up at public hearings to demand climate action. You advocate for clean water and strong salmon runs. You give generously. The team at Columbia Riverkeeper reflects on several of the thousands of members who inspire us.

Dave Berger has been one of the strongest supporters of the Nichols Natural Area Project since day one. We truly could not have reached all the thousands of students we’ve provided programming for without Dave’s help. He’s volunteered countless hours, and our community is the lucky beneficiary of his deep dedication to education and activism.” — Lorri Epstein, Water Quality Director

Cathryn Chudy is an organizing and advocacy powerhouse for her Vancouver community. Along with so many other local leaders, she presses the case for Vancouver becoming a leader in equitable climate action. It’s been an honor working with Cathryn on so many fronts, and she played a major role not only in stopping an oil train terminal, but also continuing the effort to persuade the Vancouver City Council to establish a permanent ban on new major fossil fuel terminals in Vancouver.” — Kate Murphy, Community Organizer

“When 2022 started, the Port Westward community faced a huge conversion of land to industrial uses and a major methanol proposal—both of which failed in recent months. Now local advocates are pushing back on a proposed refinery by making videos, testifying at hearings, and exposing the potential pollution of the proposed refinery at Port Westward. These people fight for what they love, and their impact extends far beyond Port Westward. And they grow healthy food along the way!” — Dan Serres, Conservation Director

Shelley Cimon is a treasure of information about Hanford, and she represented Columbia Riverkeeper for years on the Hanford Advisory Board with no compensation other than our gratitude. She has been a patient, kind, and thoughtful educator of the next generation of Hanford watchdogs (I count myself among them). I am so grateful to Shelley for helping me to see not only the harm that nuclear weapons production wrought at Hanford, but also the beauty and potential of Hanford to sustain future generations with clean water, healthy fish runs, and a free-flowing Columbia.” — Simone Anter, Staff Attorney

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