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Lasting, positive change happens when thousands of people pool their resources to fight the good fight. Can you support Columbia Riverkeeper to power this year’s victories for clean water and our climate?

Columbia Riverkeeper supporters:
  • Take on the fossil fuel industry by challenging destructive infrastructure like fracked-gas pipelines, oil-by-rail, and refineries,
  • Stop toxic pollution from spewing into the Columbia River by taking corporate polluters to court, enforcing environmental laws, and holding the government accounting for Hanford Nuclear Site cleanup,
  • Work in solidarity with Tribal Nations to restore the Columbia’s iconic salmon and protect sacred sites, 
  • Unite people to fight for laws that protect the air we breathe and the water we drink, and
  • Monitor water quality at popular Columbia River swim beaches and, through hands-on environmental education, inspire kids to care about clean water.

Donors like you power the movement to protect the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest, today and for future generations. Your support propels change for clean water and our climate. 

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The Columbia is facing many threats but together we can make a difference. 
  • The Challenge: The corporation behind the Keystone XL pipeline wants to increase climate-polluting fracked gas by expanding its existing interstate gas pipeline running through the Pacific Northwest.
  • The Opportunity: This year federal regulators will decide whether to approve or deny the massive fracked-gas pipeline expansion. We will unite people who care about our climate to stop these latest tricks. This takes a team of lawyers, community organizers, and media specialists. Together, we have the power and know-how to win!
  • The Challenge: The Columbia is too hot for salmon. Due to the stagnant reservoirs behind dams and climate change, the Columbia’s iconic salmon, and the people and cultures that rely on them, are in dire need of bold action from government leaders.
  • The Opportunity: For the first time in decades, key elected leaders have begun to embrace the idea that Snake River dam removal is essential to salmon survival and recovery. We will work with Tribal Nations and coalition partners to pressure government officials to follow through. Together, we must see dam removal through to the finish.

As a Columbia Riverkeeper supporter, you unite people in dozens of rural and urban communities who share the same goals: Protect the health of our families, the places we love, and our climate.

Power Victories. Unite Communities. Love the Columbia.