Ensure a free-flowing Columbia for generations to come

Caring for the Columbia River is a multigenerational endeavor. What will your legacy be?

Columbia Riverkeeper partners with FreeWill, a free, easy-to-use online will-making service so that members can benefit from the opportunity to learn how straightforward it can be to create a will.

What legacy do you want to leave the world?

We also have a new guide to help walk you through some of the important considerations when pursuing estate planning. Fill out the form below to access the guide. 

Tax season has at least a few positives worthy of reflection. It can help us clarify which of our financial strategies over the previous year are really working for us. For many people it yields the reward of a refund. And perhaps most important, it puts personal finance and the opportunities of financial planning top of mind. Consider this last point by following some of the best advice of serious professional financial advisors by caring for your loved ones with thoughtful estate planning. 

Already have an estate plan? This is a great time of year to review it and update your wishes to reflect your current needs and desires. You might be surprised how good you feel when you make time after taxes are submitted to think about how you will care for your loved ones and continue to support your values into the future.

Postponing writing a will or avoiding estate planning (in whatever way is right for you) can put your loved ones at risk in ways that none of us ever intend. These tasks may end up being easier than you realize before you do them. Furthermore, they can save your family the pain and struggle of trying to settle your estate without actually knowing what your true desires are. You may not realize how agonizing that situation truly is unless you go through it. But the true stories of families, friends and colleagues who have had the terrible experience of settling an estate without the support of a will are sobering to say the least. 

No one knows what the future holds. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have influence on how it will play out–especially for those we love. When you create a plan for how you want to care for the people and values that are most important to you, you take a critical step to ensure your final wishes will be acted upon. Put it in writing, make it official and then enjoy some peace of mind.

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