Clean Air Protection Program

Support Portland’s Clean Air Protection Program

Portlanders breathe the dirtiest air in Oregon. Portland’s Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and low-income communities are most likely to suffer the greatest health impacts from this toxic air pollution, which can include increased incidence of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular damage, elevated cancer risk, and birth defects. 

To address this significant issue, Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) has proposed the creation of a Clean Air Protection Program that would use funds collected from the City’s largest stationary sources of air pollution to support community-based pollution reduction programs. BPS is currently seeking comments on its draft proposal—show your support to help smooth the passage of this important program. 

Below is a sample comment template you can cut and paste onto the testimony page. Please edit it as you see fit - testimony is always strongest when it includes your personal connection to the issue and your community!


Sample Comment Template:  

  • Double emissions fee from $250/ton to $500/ton:
    • Annual revenue: $1.5 million (additional $750,000/year)
  • Increase standard permit fees to $30,000:
    • Annual revenue: $750,000 (addtl. $250,000/year)
  • Increase Title V fees to $30,000:
    • Annual revenue: $540,000 (addtl $180,000/year)