Zowie DeLeon, Communications Coordinator

Photo credit: Russ Ricketts.

Zowie DeLeon, Communications Coordinator

(541) 399-5234

Photo of Zowie in the woods. They have short to medium length dark hair and a white, wool coat on that comes up to their chin. She is surrounded by cedar trees and ferns.

Zowie DeLeon (they/them and she/her) is the storyteller behind Columbia Riverkeeper’s digital communications. They have a scientific background in fish and wildlife conservation and have worked in aquatic ecology research and restoration, environmental education, and community outreach and marketing.   

What inspires you to do this work?

I grew up in a small community on the coast of North Carolina, where braided marshlands and the sea were the backdrop to my youth.  These experiences deeply connect me with water and inspire me to facilitate opportunities for others to connect with the aquatic ecosystems that give our communities life. I am excited to do that through communications. So often people don’t know they can or should be involved with science or activism; I never knew this myself growing up. I hope that through my work I can help bridge this connection through design and dialogue. I am committed to empowering others in our shared responsibility to protect the rights of water and the rights of future generations to enjoy a healthy and beautiful Columbia River. 

Meet the Team

Riverkeeper’s team includes scientists, environmental lawyers, and community organizers. We work to organize and empower local communities, enforce environmental laws, and build strategic coalitions. Our mission is to protect and restore the Columbia River and all life connected to it.