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GTN Xpress Pipeline: A clear and present danger to our communities


GTN Xpress: FERC's rubber-stamping puts communities at risk

The GTN Xpress fracked gas pipeline capacity expansion was recently approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)—the project would be a disaster for nearby communities and our environment.

In fact, when news broke that FERC had rubber-stamped the project, the backlash was immediate. Opposition to GTN Xpress was loud and clear—thousands of community members, environmental and advocacy groups, Tribal members, Senators, Governors, and State Attorneys General all spoke out AGAINST the project. The media coverage was damning but many in our communities still don’t know about GTN Xpress and its danger.

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In the News:
Feds OK natural gas pipeline expansion in Pacific Northwest over environmentalist protests

Potential spills and explosions on the pipeline, which was built in the 1960s, would not only harm the environment but also present a heightened wildfire risk in the arid regions it passes through. “An explosion of that level in eastern Washington or eastern Oregon would be catastrophic,” -Audrey Leonard, Staff Attorney, Columbia Riverkeeper

Pacific Northwest Gas Proposal Highlights FERC Balancing Act

“You have a region and states working really hard to try to diminish gas use and the pollution that goes with gas use, and you have the Biden administration saying they take environmental justice and climate seriously—and their FERC appears poised to rubber-stamp this project,” -Dan Serres, Conservation Director, Columbia Riverkeeper

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Expansion of Pacific Northwest natural gas pipeline gets go-ahead

“It just really illustrates the huge contrast between the Biden administration’s commitment to environmental justice and listening to front-line communities when you have a project like this one that has been opposed by not only the communities themselves, but also our senators and representatives and tribes,” -Audrey Leonard, Staff Attorney, Columbia Riverkeeper

FERC Approves Gas Pipeline Expansion in Pacific Northwest

“FERC failed to listen to Senators, Governors, State Attorneys General, Tribes, and the public in its rubber stamp of unnecessary fracked gas in the Northwest,” -Audrey Leonard, Staff Attorney, Columbia Riverkeeper

FERC approves wave of gas projects

“I think they need to be scrapped so we can start over with an agency that actually exists in sync with our need to take on climate change. If our national policy is that we are going to take on climate change, we have to dump an agency that greenlights fossil fuel project after fossil fuel project.” -Sen. Jeff Merkley

Federal commission approves expansion of Northwest pipeline over senators’ objections

“The Commission’s decision violates the public interest and common sense, and we will file a petition for rehearing challenging this project. Since the analysis for this project was published, two major TC Energy pipelines have failed, causing safety hazards and spilling fossil fuel. If this were to happen in dry, rural, fire-prone lands or in the residential areas where TC Energy’s GTN pipeline is located, it would be catastrophic.” -Audrey Leonard, staff attorney for Columbia Riverkeeper

The GTN Xpress project, owned by TC Energy, is designed to transport an increased volume of fracked gas through the aging GTN pipeline across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, raising alarming safety concerns for the communities along its route. 

TC Energy has a terrible safety record:
  • In July, TC Energy’s Columbia Gas Transmission pipeline exploded in Strasburg, Virginia causing towering flames and a highway closure. 
  • Last December, TC Energy’s Keystone pipeline spilled nearly 600,000 gallons of crude oil into a Kansas creek.

The approval by FERC marks only the first step in a decision process that could have catastrophic implications. The dangerous GTN Xpress pipeline expansion also perpetuates fracking infrastructure and impacts on Tribal lands and binds the Northwest to fossil fuel for decades to come. We refuse to let that happen. 
That’s why Columbia Riverkeeper and Rogue Climate are resolute in our commitment to challenge the GTN Xpress pipeline. FERC's decision is not the final word on GTN Xpress. Together, we WILL work to protect our communities, the environment, and our shared future.

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Tell FERC to Deny TC Energy’s GTN XPress Gas Pipeline Expansion.

On October 19, 2023, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorized a huge expansion of fracked gas in the Northwest. Grassroots organizations and community groups are joining forces to push back on FERC’s approval of GTN Xpress, a proposal by TC Energy to push more gas through its aging GTN pipeline.