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Tell FERC to Deny TC Energy’s GTN XPress Gas Pipeline Expansion.

On October 19, 2023, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authorized a huge expansion of fracked gas in the Northwest. Grassroots organizations and community groups are joining forces to push back on FERC’s approval of GTN Xpress, a proposal by TC Energy to push more gas through its aging GTN pipeline. 

We are challenging FERC’s decision to approve the GTN Xpress project. The Attorneys General of Washington, Oregon, and California urged FERC to reject the project. Now that FERC ignored them, they should challenge FERC’s decision also.

Sign our petition: challenge FERC’s decision to approve GTN Xpress.

Dear Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:

I support challenges urging FERC to withdraw and rethink its approval of GTN Xpress. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) approval of TC Energy’s proposed GTN Xpress fracked gas expansion project unfairly dismissed the states’ objections, as well as concerns from Tribes, numerous elected officials, dozens of community groups, and thousands of people across our region. 

The climate stakes are high: FERC’s authorization of GTN Xpress will enable TC Energy to push at least 150,000 dekatherms per day through its aging GTN pipeline—resulting in yearly pollution equivalent to several fossil fuel power plants. 

Already, Washington, Oregon, and California have identified significant flaws in the project and FERC’s decision-making. The states and public commenters detailed conflicts between TC Energy’s plans and the states’ goals and laws for reducing greenhouse gas pollution, protecting public safety, and avoiding harm to environmental justice communities near compressors and pipeline route. FERC’s analysis glossed over these issues and included glaring omissions, errors, and misjudgments.

Our states are moving away from fracked gas. FERC shouldn’t stand in the way of the effort our region is making to curb climate-altering fracked gas pollution.

What else can you do to help? 

Call the White House: 

Calling the White House directly is another way to make your voice heard. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 and leave a message telling President Biden to publicly oppose the GTN Xpress fracked gas expansion and appoint FERC commissioners with the courage to deny major fracked gas projects.

Here are some talking points:
  • My name is XX. I am calling to urge President Biden to call on FERC to withdraw its approval of GTN Xpress.
  • I am also calling on President Biden to appoint new members of FERC who will change the course of the agency by having the courage to deny unnecessary and polluting fracked gas projects like GTN Xpress.
GTN Map, 2022.07.29

In the past three years, both Washington and Oregon have taken major steps to curb our region’s reliance on climate-polluting fracked gas. Case in point: both states have passed laws requiring a complete phase out of fossil fuel generated retail electricity. Yet, TC Energy is full steam ahead with plans to expand its Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) pipeline by up to 250,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/d). That’s enough gas to service 1.2 million households each day. Read more


Want to learn more about TC Energy’s plan?

Columbia Riverkeeper recently sat down with Barbara Bernstein to discuss the expansion project, click here to listen to the recording. 

FERC Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement

"From wildfires to droughts, Columbia River communities increasingly experience climate change impacts. That's why West Coast states are united in opposition to GTN's expansion plans..." -Lauren Goldberg, Columbia Riverkeeper

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