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Tell FERC to Deny TC Energy’s GTN XPress Gas Pipeline Expansion.

We are gathering comments for one final push to demand that members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) listen to serious concerns raised by Attorneys General, Tribes, and community leaders throughout the Northwest. Add your voice to the effort and call attention to the reasons why you oppose TC Energy’s major new gas push in the Northwest.

I am writing to oppose TC Energy’s GTN XPress pipeline capacity expansion project currently under review by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). I am asking FERC to address concerns raised by Oregon, Washington, California, and Tribes—and to reject the GTN Xpress proposal.

Northwest residents have opposed and defeated fracked gas pipelines and export proposals for decades. The GTN XPress project is simply the latest proposed expansion of harmful fossil fuel infrastructure. Our communities are already feeling the impacts of climate change with record wildfires, droughts, coastal erosion, and flooding; this project would increase the emissions contributing to these conditions. 

Pipeline and compressor station expansions create increased health risks for nearby communities, which are often rural, low-income, and communities of color. Not only is this infrastructure prone to accidents like leaks, fires, and explosions, but communities near the compressor stations would experience increased exposure to cancer-causing pollutants if FERC approves GTN XPress.

TC Energy has failed to demonstrate that the Northwest needs or wants the GTN Xpress proposal. Communities in the Northwest fought hard to pass climate commitments at the state level. In August, Attorneys General of Oregon, Washington, and California told FERC they oppose GTN XPress because it’s out of line with state and federal climate goals. Columbia River Tribes also voiced their opposition and concerns. Thus far, FERC is ignoring the valid concerns raised by our region.

FERC has the information it needs to conclude that the project is not in the public interest. Please heed the concerns of people throughout the Northwest who are urging FERC to protect our health, our climate and communities close to the GTN pipeline.


GTN Map, 2022.07.29

In the past three years, both Washington and Oregon have taken major steps to curb our region’s reliance on climate-polluting fracked gas. Case in point: both states have passed laws requiring a complete phase out of fossil fuel generated retail electricity. Yet, TC Energy is full steam ahead with plans to expand its Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) pipeline by up to 250,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/d). That’s enough gas to service 1.2 million households each day. Read more


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Columbia Riverkeeper recently sat down with Barbara Bernstein to discuss the expansion project, click here to listen to the recording. 

FERC Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement

"From wildfires to droughts, Columbia River communities increasingly experience climate change impacts. That's why West Coast states are united in opposition to GTN's expansion plans..." -Lauren Goldberg, Columbia Riverkeeper