Oregon Stands Up to Polluters

You spoke up, and Governor Kotek heard you! 

Update: Governor Kotek Opposes GTN Xpress

This week, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek sent a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) opposing the proposed GTN Fracked Gas pipeline expansion project.

I write in opposition of the proposed Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) Xpress project because I do not believe it can comply with Oregon’s clean energy laws and regulations.

Governor Kotek joins both Oregon senators and Governor Inslee in opposition to the project, along with state Attorneys General from Oregon, Washington, and California. 

GTN Xpress is one of the biggest climate threats in Oregon right now. We are thankful Governor Kotek is standing up for Oregon’s climate and energy laws. The Biden Administration needs to deny this project—we don’t need any additional fracked gas infrastructure locking us into decades of pollution.

About the project

TC Energy, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, wants to expand fracked gas pipeline capacity from Canada into Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California locking the Pacific NW into further fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Why this matters

GTN Xpress is a dirty, dangerous deal for communities along the pipeline who face increased risks of explosion and air pollution. If approved, GTN Xpress would be the equivalent of adding 754,000 cars to the road every year and would severely hinder the Pacific Northwest’s ability to meet important climate goals.

What’s next? 

FERC could decide as soon as July 27, 2023.

What else can I do to help?
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Sign the Petition to FERC

Heed he concerns of people throughout the Northwest who are urging FERC to protect our health, our climate and communities close to the GTN pipeline.

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Let's build momentum in opposition to the GTN Xpress Pipeline expansion by publishing hundreds of letters in newspapers across Oregon and Washington.

Power Past Fracked Gas Rally in Olympia, WA on February 21, 2019, photo by Ale Blakely.
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"The states are arguing to FERC that one, there's no demand for GTN Xpress." -Dan Serres, Conservation Director

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Tell FERC to Deny TC Energy’s GTN XPress Gas Pipeline Expansion.