Victory—for now!

FERC Pulls GTN Xpress From the July Meeting Agenda

A surprising turn of events:

Today the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) did not make a decision on GTN Xpress as scheduled. If approved by FERC, TC Energy’s GTN Xpress project would add more fracked gas to an aging 1,354-mile pipeline that cuts through Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. 

Audrey Leonard statement about GTN Xpress reading “This is a victory for communities along the pipeline who would be directly impacted by GTN Xpress. TC Energy should stand down in its efforts to expand fossil fuel infrastructure in the Northwest... Here and elsewhere, TC Energy’s expansions are glaringly against the public interest and common sense.”

FERC’s decision is now delayed until at least September 21. Opposition to GTN Xpress is loud and clear. Yesterday, after TC Energy’s gas pipeline in Virginia exploded and caught fire, a grassroots coalition of 26 organizations across the continent sent a letter urging FERC to deny the project or delay its decision. Community organizing can have a big impact. FERC backed off, for now.

TC Energy cannot be trusted to build or maintain safe pipelines, much less push more fracked gas through its decades-old GTN pipeline in tinder-dry eastern Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. This is a victory for communities along the pipeline who would be directly impacted by GTN Xpress. FERC now has the opportunity to listen to these communities and deny TC Energy’s project. 

signs that say "FERC JUST SAY NO" and "GTN XPRESS" with a red strike through the words

“Our communities have been loud and clear for months: we don’t want or need another fossil fuel expansion.” Alessandra de la Torre, Advocacy Director for Rogue Climate. “After TC Energy’s pipeline explosion in Virginia just two days ago, it’s even more apparent that GTN XPress would be a serious threat to the safety of our fire-prone communities in the Northwest. Now FERC has more time to take opposition to this project seriously and shut down GTN XPress once and for all.”

Many thanks to Oregon Senators Merkley & Wyden, who renewed their opposition to GTN Xpress yesterday. 

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