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Chris Turner: A Lasting Legacy

A Lasting Legacy: Chris Turner set a high bar for what a dedicated, passionate citizen activist can accomplish. Her passing on May 15, 2020 leaves us with heavy hearts. 

Hanford's Toxic Groundwater & Aging Infrastructure

Over 2,500 People Weigh-In During Two Hanford Comment Periods Demonstrating That Pacific Northwest Residents Agree: Hanford’s Toxic Groundwater and Aging Infrastructure Need Comprehensive, Long Term Solutions

Environmentalists for BLM

In a powerful essay, Columbia Riverkeeper’s staff attorney, Simone Anter, Jicarilla Apache and Yaqui, explores and articulates how Black Lives Matter is inextricably tied to environmentalism and Columbia Riverkeeper’s work. 

Swim Guide 2020

We're still monitoring! Monitoring launched June 8, 2020. Through summer, Riverkeeper will monitor beaches to track water quality conditions.

New Lawsuit

Lawsuit Challenges EPA Rollback of Human Health Water Standards in Washington State.

Breaking News

The Trump Administration attempts to block Washington State from protecting salmon from hot water caused by federal dams