Annual Report

Columbia Riverkeeper 2019 Annual Report

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Our Mission

To protect and restore the water quality of the Columbia River and all life connected to it, from the headwaters to the Pacific Ocean. 


Columbia Riverkeeper formed in 2000 when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. convinced activists to merge two local groups into one organization dedicated to protecting the Columbia River. Our team includes scientists, environmental lawyers, community organizers, and you.

Pound for pound, there is no more effective advocacy group in America right now. They are smart and tenacious, and use science, law and communications together to get results.



Columbia Riverkeeper is powered by more than 8,000 members who invest in clean water and a healthy climate because the fight is urgent and the time is now. You accomplished great things.

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Stopping Pollution

  • Lawsuits to stop illegal pollution in the last three years: 14
  • Pounds of toxic pollution lawsuits prevented from entering the Columbia: 150,000
  • Dollars polluters paid to other nonprofit organizations as a result of lawsuits: $2,190,000
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Fighting Fossil Fuels

  • New fossil fuel terminals you defeated in last decade: 12
  • New fossil fuel terminals built in that time: 0
  • Tons of greenhouse gas prevented annually from coal, oil, and fracked gas projects: 200 million
  • Gov. Inslee’s new position on Kalama methanol refinery: OPPOSED
  • Acres of land protected from fossil fuel development at Port Westward: 800
  • Dollars for clean energy generated each year by the Portland Clean Energy Fund: $40 million
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Saving Salmon

  • Degrees F at which the river becomes too hot for salmon: 68
  • Number of days the Columbia River exceeded 68 degrees last summer: 70
  • Years that EPA’s plan to save salmon from hot water sat on a shelf before we sued: 18
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Engaging Communities

  • E. coli samples collected annually for Columbia River beaches: 220
  • People who viewed these data on our Swim Guide app: 62,000
  • Students who learned about clean water and ecosystems at Nichols Natural Area in 2019: 820
  • Conoce Tu Columbia bilingual radio shows and podcasts aired: 27
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Cleaning Up Hanford

  • People who attended the Hanford Journey, a partnership with Yakama Nation: 150
  • Number of comments by Yakama Nation students to Dept. of Energy urging Hanford cleanup: 800

$1.5 Million raised in last year

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Donor Spotlight

Brad and Caroline Roberts
Brad and Caroline Roberts

Caroline and Brad Roberts care deeply about protecting the Columbia River. Their passion for clean water and healthy communities leads them to support Columbia Riverkeeper year after year. Their contributions helped defeat coal and oil trains that would travel near their home. “Supporting Riverkeeper serves not only my deep appreciation for their work in fighting for and winning protection for the Columbia River but also the land, every person, fora and fauna it encompasses,” said Caroline. “I can’t ask for a more effective use of our donation dollars.

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