Dianne Riley

Sustaining Gifts Director

dianne@columbiariverkeeper.org  |  (541) 399-3260

Dianne Riley (she/her) works with a talented team to build organizational capacity and steady, principled growth through donor engagement guided by the vision, mission, and community of Columbia Riverkeeper. Dianne has worked in the areas of fundraising, development, and social justice philanthropy for the past two and a half decades. But her connections to environmental and social justice activism spring from a lifelong habit of seeking health and harmony by increasing her own understanding.

What inspires you to do this work?

I believe that natural resources belong to everyone and also to no one, so I’m inspired to support this organization’s transition to becoming one that supports and represents a multicultural perspective; where stewardship is understood to be cultural and evolving.

Meet the Team

Riverkeeper’s team includes scientists, environmental lawyers, and community organizers. We work to organize and empower local communities, enforce environmental laws, and build strategic coalitions. Our mission is to protect and restore the Columbia River and all life connected to it.