Lauren Goldberg

Executive Director  |  (541) 965-0985

Lauren Goldberg (she/her) works as the executive director, teaming with Riverkeeper’s community organizers and attorneys to fight for clean water and our climate. Lauren joined Riverkeeper in 2008 and spent over a decade enforcing the Clean Water Act and developing legal strategies to fight the oil, coal, and fracked gas industries. Lauren continues to work with diverse coalitions to fight for laws that protect people from toxic pollution. 

What inspires you to do this work?

Environmental justice. For too long the Columbia River has been the dumping ground for toxic pollution. People rely on the Columbia for food, water, and beyond. Together, we partner with and unite incredible people who fight for what they love.

Meet the Team

Riverkeeper’s team includes scientists, environmental lawyers, and community organizers. We work to organize and empower local communities, enforce environmental laws, and build strategic coalitions. Our mission is to protect and restore the Columbia River and all life connected to it.