Remove Snake River Dams

Un-dam the Snake River

Speak up for salmon and Tribal rights! Tell Congress to help States and Tribes invest in clean energy and restore abundant salmon.

You’ve helped make progress for salmon recovery! On December 14, 2023, the Biden Administration, the Six Sovereigns (the Nez Perce, Warm Springs, Umatilla, and Yakama Tribes, and Oregon and Washington), Columbia Riverkeeper and other NGOs announced an agreement to help recover salmon and replace the services of the Lower Snake River dams. This agreement wouldn’t have been possible without you—and hundreds of thousands of other people—who demanded action for salmon, orcas, and Tribal rights.

Let’s keep the pressure on our elected leaders so that this plan results in Snake River dam removal and abundant salmon in the near future! Please sign the petition below to your members of congress. Tell them to publicly support the Biden Administration’s plan to recover salmon and replace the services of the Lower Snake River dams.

With the right investments and preparations, we can have a Northwest future with healthy and abundant salmon, clean and affordable energy, reliable transportation and irrigation, and where America’s promises to Northwest Tribes are upheld.

Dear [Rep./Sen. Name]
Northwest communities and salmon need your leadership. Cultures, economies, and orcas that depend on salmon are at risk, as these fish teeter on the brink of extinction. The science is clear: un-damming the Lower Snake River is essential to restoring abundant salmon.

Please publicly support the December 14, 2023, agreement between the federal government, states, Tribes, and NGOs. The agreement provides a roadmap for actions and investments that will replace the Lower Snake River dams’ services and restore abundant salmon throughout the Columbia River Basin. But the agreement will not achieve its goals without congressional support; we need your public leadership now more than ever.

We also ask that you use your oversight authority to ensure that federal agencies— including the Bonneville Power Administration—help implement this path to a more resilient, abundant future.