Take Action: Bradford Island

Join Columbia Riverkeeper in thanking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for prioritizing cleanup of Bradford Island and surrounding waters.

In a game-changing decision for people that rely on the Columbia River, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially added a large section of the Columbia River and Bradford Island, located near Bonneville dam, to the nation’s toxic cleanup program, the Superfund List.

This hard-earned victory could not have been possible without the leadership of Yakama Nation, community members, and the elected officials that stood up for clean water.

Join Columbia Riverkeeper in sending a thank you note to EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan expressing your support and appreciation for cleaning up toxic pollution in the Columbia River.

Dear EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan,

Thank you for taking bold action and adding Bradford Island and surrounding waters of the Columbia River to the Superfund List. This Superfund listing of Bradford Island opens the gates to additional funding, heightened scrutiny, and tighter legal controls to reduce threats to public health and the environment. I strongly support EPA’s decision to honor the requests of the Confederated Tribes of Yakama Nation, the State of Oregon, and Washington state to list the area. This Superfund listing will kickstart the cleanup of Bradford Island, a vitally important area of the Columbia River.

Thank you.


About Bradford Island Cleanup

For over 40 years, the U.S. government dumped toxic pollution in and along the Columbia’s shores at Bradford Island, located near Bonneville Dam.