Oregon Climate Goals

Stop Oregon’s Free Pass for Fracked Gas Polluters

Help us tell Governor Brown, Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality, and the Environmental Quality Commission that Oregon can’t expect to meet its climate goals by exempting the largest climate polluters from its emissions reduction program. Nor can it expect to reduce environmental justice burdens without having a firm understanding of exactly what those burdens are. 


Droughts, wildfires, and heat waves are on the rise and Oregon is falling behind on meeting the emissions reductions targets it adopted to avoid the worst effects of climate change. In an effort to catch up, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) are in the early stages of developing a new greenhouse gas emissions program that aims to achieve substantial emissions reductions from the state’s largest stationary sources. Noticeably absent from the program: fracked gas power plants. The six largest climate polluters in Oregon are fracked gas power plants. Yet DEQ plans to exempt these facilities from regulation under its so-called “Climate Protection Program.” 

Furthermore, although one of DEQ’s top priorities with this program is to alleviate burdens on environmental justice communities, the modeling the agency proposes to conduct to inform development of the program doesn’t currently include data sources that would identify these burdens. 

Read More Details about the Program on DEQ’s Webpage

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