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Hanford Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Tell Members of Congress and Governors Inslee and Kotek: NO new nuclear energy development at the Hanford Nuclear Site.

Re: Opposition to nuclear energy development at Hanford

Dear Members of Congress and Governors Inslee and Kotek,

I am resolutely opposed to the nuclear energy development proposed at the Hanford Nuclear Site. The company, X-energy, is proposing to site its small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) at Hanford. 

The nuclear power industry portrays SMRs as a safe, affordable, and clean-energy solution to the climate crisis. This rhetoric could not be further from the truth. X-energy’s SMR proposal raises serious concerns regarding nuclear waste, accidents, length of time to operation, and cost. The SMR technology is a false solution to the climate crisis. For these reasons, I call on you to state your opposition to the SMR proposal. With your decisive leadership, we can prevent the siting of this nuclear development at Hanford. 

The Hanford Nuclear Site has an extensive legacy of radioactive nuclear waste. Furthermore, cleanup at Hanford has been ongoing for decades and will continue far into the future. A new nuclear reactor and its inevitable waste would further perpetuate the burden of cleanup. You have the opportunity to ensure a vibrant future for Hanford and future generations by speaking out against the SMR proposal. I am counting on you to voice your opposition and prevent nuclear energy development at Hanford.


About the Issue

The U.S. government’s mission at Hanford: cleanup. Now, X-energy wants to site more nuclear infrastructure—a small modular nuclear reactor—at Hanford. Bad idea. Period.