Prevent Pollution

Preventing pollution at the source offers critical opportunities to keep toxics out of the Columbia River. Do your part to advocate for pollution prevention and learn about personal choices to support clean water.

The Columbia River, and the communities that depend on it, face serious threats from toxic pollution. Let’s explore what we know about toxics in Columbia River fish.

Webinar: Driven to Extinction

3/2 webinar, “Driven to Extinction: Tire Chemicals and Salmon,” featuring Sean Dixon from Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and Dr. Jenifer McIntrye from Washington State University.

El salmón y las llantas para autos

Durante décadas, los investigadores se han preocupado por un fenómeno alarmante en los arroyos del área de Seattle en Puget Sound: una gran proporción de salmones coho adultos mueren antes de tener la oportunidad de desovar.

Help Keep the Columbia Clean Without Leaving Home

Understand how the chemicals found in household products make their way to the Columbia River and what we can do about it.

Webinar: Microplastics & the Columbia River

Learn about microplastic pollution in the Columbia, how microplastics impact the river, and what we can do about it.

Microplastics & the Columbia River: A Not So Tiny Problem

Did you know that microplastics contaminate rivers as well as oceans? Micro-plastics in the Columbia River may be a bigger problem than you thought.

Microplásticos y el Río Columbia: Un problema no tan pequeño

¿Pero sabías que los microplásticos también contaminan
los ríos? Los microplásticos en el Río Columbia pueden ser un problema más grande de lo que pensabas.