Hanford Resources

To ensure the complete and timely cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Site, we review and critique cleanup and restoration plans.

We write comment letters detailing our analyses, publish articles and blog posts, and prepare fact sheets to help others understand the plans and how to protect the Columbia River. View and download our work below.

Newsletter: The Hanford issue

The fight to clean up the most polluted place in America.

Timeline of Hanford

Since time immemorial this area along the Columbia River was inhabited by Indigenous People.

Hanford Cleanup Champions

An Interview with Yakama Nation’s Hanford Cleanup Team

Perspectives: Generational Advocacy

ERWM STEM Coordinator Samantha Redheart reflects on the intersection of educational sovereignty and fostering the next generation of Hanford cleanup advocates

Hanford Newsletter Playlist

Want to hear all the stories from Columbia Riverkeeper’s Currents Issue 1, 2023 Newsletter?