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Port of Columbia County Updates

Port Westward

For almost ten years, the Port of Columbia County has sought to convert to heavy industrial use up to 837 acres of farmland at Port Westward, Oregon, an area known for fertile, deep, unstable peat soils near Clatskanie, Oregon.

Fracked Gas News:

Fighting Fossil Fuels

Oregon Senators Merkley and Wyden Oppose GTN Xpress, Urge FERC To Deny Pipeline Expansion

Board News

Environmental nonprofit appoints Emily Washines as board president, welcomes new members Marta Yera Cronin, Alanna Nanegos, Brett VandenHeuvel, and Sue Vosburg

EPA Issues Permits

Saving Salmon

"It’s past time for the Army Corps to reduce illegal pollution from dams," -Lauren Goldberg, Executive Director