Can you join us to stop Zenith Energy, a dangerous oil-by-rail operation?


Zenith Energy’s Portland Terminal is a fossil fuel transloading facility—meaning the company accepts fuel products from one mode of transportation and passes them along to another. Zenith typically transfers crude oil from trains to ships (through Chevron’s dock across NW Front Ave.), but it also has the ability to accept products via trucks. Most, if not all, of the product Zenith handles is destined for other places in the U.S.—it’s not used in Oregon. 

Zenith’s facility, located at 5501 NW Front Ave., has operated as a petroleum products storage terminal since 1947, originally as Willbridge Asphalt Refinery. The 39-acre site has 84 tanks with a total storage capacity of 1,518,200 barrels. The asphalt refinery ceased operations in November 2006 and was officially closed in December 2008. Around 2013, Zenith’s predecessor, Arc Logistics, started using the facility to refine crude oil. Zenith took over in December 2017 and within one month was importing tar sands and crude oil to the Portland Terminal on mile-long trains from Canada and North Dakota. Community opposition to Zenith has been strong since the beginning and continues to grow.

We need strong leadership if we have any chance of building the resilience required to protect our communities from increasing threats to the public health and safety and to our environment—threats that consistently cause disproportionate harm to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as low-income communities.

The science is clear and the public opposition to this project is overwhelming. We must move toward cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. It is time to say NO to Zenith Oil! Learn more about tar sands and Zenith’s dangerous plans.

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Now is the time to take action! 

Erin Saylor
Zenith Energy—Another Bait and Switch?

Q&A with our staff attorney, Erin Saylor, learn the legal hooks for this project.

Time to Break Up With Zenith
Zenith Break Up Songs

In anticipation of our long-overdue breakup with Zenith Energy, we are put together a breakup remix.

The front cover of “Glimpses of the Lewis and Clark Exposition,” a souvenir booklet printed for the event by a Chicago publisher, shows a hand-painted overview of Guild’s Lake when the Exposition was under way on its shores in 1905. (Image: Laird & Lee Publishers)
A History Lesson

Zenith Energy Before and After—A Brief History

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Stop Zenith Energy’s oil-by-rail terminal today! 

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