Methane Webinar: Thanks for Joining Us!

“The Science of Methane Gas from Reservoirs: Rethinking Hydropower’s Carbon-free Image.” The science behind methane emissions from hydropower reservoirs By Miles Johnson, Legal Director Enjoy our webinar: The Science of … Read more

Crayfish Webinar: Thanks for Joining Us!

“Charismatic Crustaceans:What Columbia River Crayfish Can Teach Us“ April 15, 2024 Monitoring toxic pollution with the Crayfish Mercury Project By Lorri Epstein, Water Quality Director In this webinar, “Charismatic Crustaceans: … Read more

Hanford Webinar: Thanks for Joining Us

“Investigative Journalist Breaks Down Hanford:A Conversation with Joshua Frank” March 29, 2024 By Simone Anter, Staff Attorney & Hanford Program Director Thank you for joining us for the webinar, “Investigative … Read more

Breaking Down Forever Chemicals

Learn about forever chemicals, how they impact us, and what we can do about it. October 27, 2022 Breaking Down Forever Chemicals By Lorri Epstein, Water Quality Director Columbia Riverkeeper … Read more

Homebodies & Waterbodies Recap

Dr. Arlene Blum, Executive Director with the Green Science Policy Institute, spoke about the harmful chemicals found in household items, how they end up in the river, their impacts, and … Read more