Take Action: Snake River Dams

Call on Governor Inslee and Senator Murray to keep their promises and stop salmon extinction.

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Background information

Senator Murray and Governor Inslee: What’s your plan to restore salmon and invest in the Northwest?

On May 14, Washington Senator Murray and Governor Inslee committed to leading a process to quickly develop a plan that will save endangered Northwest salmon and orcas from extinction.

Four months later, salmon have been pushed closer to extinction and communities are struggling.

  • The federal dams and reservoirs on the Columbia and Snake Rivers are warming water to lethal temperatures, suffocating and killing salmon.
  • Outfitters, guides and other businesses that depend upon healthy salmon and steelhead runs are shutting their doors for the season due to fishing closures.
  • This summer another emaciated Southern Resident Orca has disappeared and is presumed dead, unable to withstand compounding impacts that include fewer salmon to eat. Today, just 74 individual whales remain.
If we wait any longer to act, extinction will be our only option.

Salmon Are Dying from Hot Water