Ubaldo Hernández, Senior Organizer

Photo credit: Russ Ricketts.

Ubaldo Hernández, Senior Organizer


Ubaldo Hernández Staff Photo

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Ubaldo Hernández (he/him) works as a Senior Organizer, conducting community outreach on clean water while promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity. Ubaldo has been an active member in the Latino community in the Columbia Gorge, participating in projects that promote awareness on issues that are relevant to Latinos in Oregon and Washington. In the last fifteen years, he has dedicated his free time to launch and participate in multiple projects benefiting the Latino community, including the local community radio station Radio Tierra. 

What inspires you to do this work?

Give the opportunity to the Latino community in voicing their concerns and support to end the environmental and social justice injustices in our communities.


Meet the Team

Riverkeeper’s team includes scientists, environmental lawyers, and community organizers. We work to organize and empower local communities, enforce environmental laws, and build strategic coalitions. Our mission is to protect and restore the Columbia River and all life connected to it.