Thank you for joining us for the Virtual Concert with Columbia Riverkeeper’s composer-in-residence Deena T. Grossman.  September 7, 2021 Thank you for watching our Virtual Concert By Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive … Read more

Salmon Dying from Hot Water

“Sockeye are dying right now because the Columbia and Snake rivers are too hot…” -Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive Director  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Salmon Dying from Hot Water in Columbia River Dammed … Read more

Shocking Salmon Video

“We cannot look the other way.” -Miles Johnson, Senior Attorney Isn’t this video enough? By Miles Johnson, Senior Attorney When I found sockeye in the Little White Salmon River—infested with … Read more

Zenith Energy: A Relic of the Past

Zenith Energy Before and After—A Brief History May 3, 2021 By Kate Murphy, Community Organizer A Toxic Legacy Zenith Energy’s Portland Terminal is a fossil fuel transloading facility—accepting fuel products … Read more

Homebodies & Waterbodies Recap

Dr. Arlene Blum, Executive Director with the Green Science Policy Institute, spoke about the harmful chemicals found in household items, how they end up in the river, their impacts, and … Read more

Zenith Lyrics

In anticipation of our long-overdue breakup with Zenith Energy, we are put together a breakup remix, lyrics included so you can sing-along. February 14, 2021 DEAR ZENITH To the tune of … Read more


Tips to Get Rid of Meds, Keep Columbia Clean February 12, 2021 Don’t Flush Meds Tips to Get Rid of Meds, Keep Columbia Clean By Lorri Epstein, Water Quality Director … Read more